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Dental Office Cost & How to Break Them Down


Estimating a potential dental office cost is overwhelming.



Whether you’re interested in
buying a practice or starting up, Practice Real Estate Group offers a free Expense and Timeline Generator that helps you get a scope of your expenses with just 4 quick questions. It's essentially a medical office space calculator.  You’ll receive a PDF packet with an estimate of what your monthly rent, property expenses, and build-out loan payment will be for your practice. Additionally, we include a purchasing budget equivalent to those rental rates if you’re considering purchasing your real estate. On top of that, you’ll get a general timeline on when you might expect to be open. 

Our Expense and Timeline Estimate Generator serves as a great starting point for estimating your dental office cost. 

Help Us Help You

Getting Started 

Our Practice Real Estate Expense and Timeline Estimate Generator is found right here on our site. You will be taken to a page that breaks down what you will receive in your customized PDF. Just click the “Next” button in the bottom right corner to continue through the generator.

When and Where?

In this section, choose the Market option that best describes the immediate area you’d like to open. We provide you with helpful dropdown options to identify with (e.g., Rural <50k Population, Town 50k-250k Population, City 250k- 1M Population, etc.). You'll also select an estimated date of when you will “hit the ground running” on finding a medical or dental space for lease for your practice. Try being brutally honest with yourself about the date- we use this to give you the most accurate timeline to be open.

What Type of Commercial Real Estate?

In this step, you’ll indicate the type of commercial real estate that you want. Read our tips regarding retail vs. office spaces, and choose one of the two commercial real estate options from the dropdown menu. You’re one step close to your personalized estimate and understanding real medical and dental office costs.

How Much Space?


This is where we factor in how much space you’re considering for your practice. At this step, we give you some tips regarding smaller/larger spaces and practice needs (operatories, exam rooms, lobby, staff space, etc.). Use this information to estimate how many square feet your practice will need.  It's critical because medical clinic cost per square foot is one of the most important factors you'll consider as you decide the size of the loan you'll borrow from the bank.  

Time to Customize


Congratulations! You’re all done. Enter your name and email so we can customize and send your Estimate Packet to you. You’ll receive the packet in your inbox within about a minute of submitting the form! Be sure to click the “Send My Estimate” button in the bottom right corner to fully submit the form.

Now What?


Now that you know exactly how to fill out our Expense Calculator, Go Get Your Customized Expense and Timeline Estimate Packet! You'll have a ballpark but comprehensive look at what your medical or dental office cost may actually be.

Here at Practice Real Estate Group, we are dedicated to providing you with knowledge and expertise at every step of your journey. Whether you’re in the early stages of considering a Startup Practice or set on buying retail space for a Growth Practice- Our Team is committed to helping you navigate the waters of medical real estate and securing you a deal that builds value for your organization. Our Expense and Timeline Generator is just one of the many beneficial resources we offer - it helps us help you.

Any other questions?  Contact us; we handle the full spectrum of Medical Real Estate needs.

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