Startup Practices

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It’s Time to Focus on YOUR Practice

Starting your own healthcare practice is an exciting way to take control of your career. Our startup team has helped many hundreds of practitioners start their own practice and find the location to achieve their goals. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you choose the optimal real estate option which will generate greater returns for your business.

How Much Space Do You Need? What Will It Cost?

Use our 4-question rental estimate calculator to receive a customized PDF estimate of what the space for your practice will cost to build out and lease. It's a great way to get a quick estimate and start a conversation about what your ideal space will cost.

What Are Your Lifestyle Goals?

The choices you make for your new practice can dramatically impact your path as a doctor and your lifestyle. Do you want to be close to your kids’ school? In a specific part of town? In an area that most needs your expertise? Our team of healthcare real estate professionals can help you find the ideal location to start your new practice and achieve the lifestyle you’re seeking.

Who Are Your Ideal Patients?

Who do you want to serve? Finding competitive locations for your new practice is equal parts art and science. We use Demographic Data, Competitive Research, and Procedural Data to locate the ideal location for your new practice.

What Locations Will Fuel Your Practice's Success?

Our demographics and competitive research teams parse sites on terms that matter to healthcare businesses. We have the data, experience, and team to effectively navigate the commercial real estate process for healthcare providers so that they get the best site possible.

What Real Estate Options Do You Have?


Leasing lets you focus your energy on your business and is the most common option to secure real estate for a practice. Use a team who has negotiated over a thousand new and renewal leases for healthcare tenants. We ensure you receive fair terms and keep as many future options open as possible so you can grow your practice.


If ownership of your real estate is attractive we can help you make it happen. Our startup team guides clients through the entire process of securing real estate that will be an asset to their business and long-term financial goals. We’ve helped clients buy single and multi-tenant properties and can advise you on the risks and rewards of commercial real estate ownership.

Custom Development

Whether you’re looking to develop a stand-alone building for your practice or a multi-tenant medical property we can walk you through deal economics, financing options, project and risk management, construction, and lease up.

Trusted Network

Our network of trusted attorneys, bankers, architects, construction firms, consultants, insurance and credentialing contacts are experienced and able to help you start up your healthcare practice.

Entity Formation Advice

Have you thought about the legal formation of your business? It may seem just like a box to check on the way to starting a new healthcare practice. However, this early stage decision will have a significant impact on your financials down the road.

Startup Client Resources

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