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Real Estate Expense Estimator

Practice Real Estate Expense and Timeline Estimate Generator

With 4 quick questions and about one minute of your time, we can send you an estimate of what your monthly rent, property expenses, and build-out loan payment for your practice will be.

We also include a purchasing budget equivalent to those rental rates if you are considering purchasing your real estate. Finally, you'll get a general timeline on when you might expect to be open.

Your packet will be emailed to you instantly when you hit submit.

When and where?

Tip: Choose the Market option that best describes the immediate area you'd like to open. If you are planning to be in an outer suburb of a larger area (25+minute drive from the city center), pick the next smallest metro area option.

What type of Commercial Real Estate do you want?


Retail space is higher traffic and visibility. It generally contains restaurants, shops, nail salons, etc..

Office or medical office spaces are typically less visible from the road and can be single story or multi-story buildings.

If you're thinking of renting or purchasing a stand alone building choose based on how visible you want it to be.

How much Space do you Need?


Smaller medical practices with only a couple of operatories/exam rooms are typically 1,500 - 2,000 SF. Depending on lobby and staff space requirements, practices with 4-6 operatories/exam rooms range from 2,000 to 3,500 SF.

Larger practices can range from 3,500 to 6,000 SF and higher. In general, the budget is roughly 250 SF per operatory or exam room plus at least 1,000 SF for the lobby and staff space.

Vet practices tend to be about 20% larger than typical medical, and certain medical practices that have procedure rooms, imaging components, and other specialty areas should plan for those needs in addition to the guidelines above.

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