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Who is Practice Real Estate Group?

Our team of brokers, agents, project managers, and analysts has over a century of experience in medical real estate across hundreds of transactions. Our mission is to be the most trustworthy and knowledgeable real estate team our clients will ever work with.

Practice Real Estate Group

Data Driven Site Selection

We go way beyond the typical commercial real estate firm.

Our demographics and competition research teams parse sites on terms that matter to healthcare businesses. We have the data, experience and team to effectively navigate the commercial real estate process for healthcare providers so they get the best locations possible.

Dr. Max Kerr

Dr. Max Kerr

Vista Ridge Family Dentistry

I know teeth . . . I don’t know real estate. Fortunately, the team at Practice Real Estate Group do. They helped to find our ideal office in our ideal market.

First Class Eye Dr Adam

Dr. Adam Young

First Class Eye Care, LLC

Practice Real Estate Group is beyond excellent at what they do. They made things so much easier as I decided which area I wanted to practice in Atlanta. They gave many so many listings, demographic searches, and they were there every step of the way through the lease negotiation process and until the deal was done.

Leasing Healthcare Real Estate

We’ve negotiated hundreds of new and renewal leases for healthcare tenants. We ensure you receive fair terms and keep as many future options open as possible. Our internal checks and balances ensures that each client gets the knowledge and expertise of our collective transaction experience.

Purchasing Healthcare Real Estate

We guide our clients through the entire process of securing real estate that will be an asset to their business and long-term goals. We’ve helped clients buy single and multi-tenant properties and can advise you on the risks and rewards of commercial real estate ownership.

Dr. Marshall Guy

Dr. Marshall Guy

Facial Plastic Surgery

They went above and beyond what I would expect a real estate agent to do. The research the team did on the area even helped me with my business plan with the bank.

Dr. Wystrach

Dr. Wystrach

Zippivet (3 locations)

When I sent them an email I knew I would get an almost immediate response. They made sure we were in a great location on good terms, and provided introductions to the key people you need to get a practice started.

Custom Development

We have the experience and team needed to effectively execute your vision for your facility. Whether you’re looking to develop a 8,000SF surgery center or a 200,000SF medical office building, we’re here to help. We can walk you through deal economics, financing options, project and risk management, construction, and lease up.

Growth Planning

We have the knowledge and expertise to coach you through the challenges of expanding your real estate footprint while working within your existing process. We can quickly research and compile competitive analyses in any US market for any medical specialty.

Dr. Abhinav Rastogi

Abhinav Rastogi

Smilepoint Dental Group (15+ locations)

We have been using the Practice Real Estate Group team since 2012. They introduced us to the business of dentistry, and since then we have grown from our first to now 15 offices.

We count ourselves lucky to have them as our partners!

Dr. Peter Nguyen

Dr. Peter Nguyen

South Peek Dental Care

My previous broker did not nearly provide the level of detail and follow up as Peter has, from the reports to LOI to even the end of lease signing, there was never a time where I felt I was not provided with great service. Prompt, organized, and thorough from the very beginning.

Industry-Leading Demographics and Competitive Reports

Our demographics team gathers extensive data in order to help you find the most successful location for your practice. We examine local competition, analyze population statistics, and observe growth patterns in order to ensure your success. Access to this data drastically increases the probability of success and sets our clients apart from those who choose to use a non-specialized real estate agency. As our client, these tools are readily at your disposal so you can make an informed decision about your practice.

Our clients make smart real estate decisions.