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Choosing a location: Demographics and Competition

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How are demographic studies used to help choose good practice locations? We use demographic studies in a couple of ways to help clients find good locations. The first, is breaking down large areas into sub areas. We then compare those chunks on important demographic variables for the client. We often use variables like the total …

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Starting a Practice vs Buying a Practice

Start your private practice

Should I Buy a Practice or Start a New One? You have probably had colleagues both start practices from scratch, and purchase existing practices. With that you have undoubtedly heard that one or the other is “best” and that you’d be making a mistake if you went against their opinion. So what really is the …

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Maximizing Your Negotiating Leverage


In general your leverage in a negotiation is grounded in your next best option. There are, however, several key factors that determine your leverage in any given negotiation. We find that these factors fall into three groups of variables: the market, your business, and your search. Before we get into those, though, it can be …

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