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Power your growth strategy with 4.6 million properties with 1.5 million verified listings, combined with proprietary competition data.

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Whether you’re leasing space for your second practice or looking to purchase and develop a site for your fiftieth we’re ready to get to work finding what’s available in your market. Unlike in residential real estate, commercial real estate listing services are notoriously stale. We supplement database data with our own market research and relationships in order to show you the most relevant, up-to-date options in your market. We talk to hundreds of brokers every week and are constantly updating our own database of ideal locations for medical practices.

Invest wisely in growth using Research and Data Solutions from Practice Real Estate Group

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We maintain proprietary data on medical practice locations across the United States. This data, combined with demographic and consumer spending data can help paint a clear growth trajectory for your organization. Have performance data on your existing locations? Even better. We have an in-house research and demographics department that is ready to go to work putting together a growth analysis for your group.

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We partner with Medical Groups to provide the benefits of a dedicated real estate department

As your group grows, managing the real estate commitments of your existing locations and the due-diligence around future ones becomes a full-time job. In addition to maintaining active searches for properties that are a great fit your business model and tracking your existing leases, we’ll integrate with your capital partners and provide the market insight and data to help vet growth opportunities as they arise.