Growing Your Medical Practice

Grow your practice safely and effectively using data-driven insights, exclusive financing options, and expert negotiation

Find the best location with our industry-leading demographics and competitive reports

Our team carefully examines and analyzes local demographics, population statistics, and growth patterns. We create custom demographic reports based on areas that you are interested in, which can help you make informed decisions about the location of your practice.

Dentistry Competition Map from Demographics Report

This data helps you understand the likelihood for your practice to succeed in given geographical locations based on demographics such as population statistics, median income, and other important factors. If you already have multiple locations, we analyze the characteristics of your best locations and find ways to incorporate the aspects that set those locations apart. This process greatly increases the ease of growth, allowing your future locations to be as strong and profitable as possible.

Financing on your terms – Practice Real Estate Group can connect you with the right option for your current and future needs.

Medical groups have specific risk profiles that few lenders understand. We help you develop a growth plan and present it to lenders that specialize in multiple-location groups. We include the necessary real estate details and research to help lenders fully understand your risk profile. For larger projects, we help find equity and capital partners that will be most beneficial to your business.

Practice Real Estate Group Partners

Skillful negotiation can make a big difference in your lease terms and costs. Why not have expert negotiators on your side?

In order to ensure that you receive the best possible terms, we assist you throughout the lease negotiation process. We have negotiated hundreds of leases for medical professionals throughout the country, and we know how to keep a negotiation focused on what matters most for your practice. Our in-house contracts attorney lends expertise to every negotiation and facilitates the document/term trading, which assists your legal team in getting you the best possible terms. We also advocate for critical rent and expense checks and balances. This helps to ensure that your practice launches and grows successfully.