Corporate Clients

Integrate Our Real Estate Experts Into Your Team and Process.

Finding a healthcare real estate team that works as hard as you do is rare. You deserve an experienced and knowledgeable team that values your time and gives you exceptional service from beginning to end.

Join Our Private Client Group

Dedicated Team and Advanced Data/Resources

We offer access to our Private Client Group for corporate clients with ambitious 1-3+ year growth goals. This premier service gives you access to our most experienced agents, dedicated research teams, and reporting and data that is tailored to your group’s business model.

Demographics Tailored to Your Group

We work with every corporate group client to create a demographic/competition profile that matches their business model. We can back-test against your current locations, create site scoring algorithms, and more.

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Expert Leasing, Negotiations, and Solutions

As you’ve grown your group you’ve also grown your leverage in the market. You’ll get to maximize that leverage with the best brokers at our firm.

Flexible Purchasing Structures

If corporate or individual ownership is part of your real estate strategy we can parse out your options to invest in the real estate of your practice.

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Corporate Resources

Case Studies

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