Max Burrows Joins Practice Real Estate Group

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

At Practice Real Estate Group, I work as an associate. Right now, I’m learning the ropes and conducting property searches in preparation for when I get my license. Soon, I’ll begin supporting agents by assisting with specific deals. All of this serves as a gateway toward me doing my own work and discovering my own deals while prospecting.

How did you hear about Practice Real Estate Group?

Thomas Allen was instrumental in guiding me here. It was the middle of the spring semester of my junior year, and I’ll never forget it. I was studying to complete PA school applications and taking exams. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do yet but I knew that I didn’t want to spend my entire life being a PA. I reached out to Thomas to ask for advice, knowing he’d been successful in his endeavors. He earned a history degree before going on to be a huge success in commercial real estate.  I asked him what I should do and said that whatever it was, I could give 100%. He said he could connect me with doctors to find out more about practicing medicine. But he also asked if I’d like to intern at Practice Real Estate Group to see if it was something I’d be interested in. That summer, I interned with Practice Real Estate Group and enjoyed it.

What else led you here?

My family always assumed that I would go into sales when I was younger because I’m a people person. I enjoy talking to and meeting new people. I think that’s one of the things I like about real estate – the different people I get to talk to and meet along the way. It’s also pretty cool to see there’s a grind that comes along with this profession. You can watch as people work hard to get the best deals for their clients.  I think it’s inspiring to watch the hustle and how lots of different personalities succeed in the field.

What excites you about real estate?

It’s fascinating to see how specific the niches are as well as how much more goes into it than just knowing real estate. The agents are selling far larger properties than houses, and they’re all doing extremely well. I think that’s part of why I’m in Austin – to learn as much as I can from the team here.

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Morgan Burrell

Morgan Burrell

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