Celebrating Macie Morris: A Trailblazer in Austin Medical and Dental Real Estate

Practice Real Estate Group (PRG) is excited to share that Macie Morris has been nominated for the prestigious 2023 Women Leading Real Estate Award. This honor, presented by Bisnow, recognizes women who are not only making waves in the commercial real estate sector but breaking barriers and shaping the industry’s future. With a career spanning over a decade, Macie has become a guiding force in the Austin healthcare real estate space. Her expertise and unwavering dedication have earned her this well-deserved nomination for the award.

The Significance of Medical and Dental Real Estate in Austin 

Austin and its surrounding suburbs have become a hub for healthcare as more people move to Central Texas. Macie stands at the forefront of this thriving niche market through market research, constant communication, and an understanding of the requirements of physician owners. Macie knows about land, medical offices, and retail on and off the market in these metropolitan statistical areas, making her an invaluable resource to her clients. 

Breaking Barriers and Shattering Stereotypes 

As a woman excelling in a traditionally male-dominated industry, Macie exemplifies resilience and entrepreneurship. Her journey began in college, where she earned her license while an undergraduate student.  Now, she serves as an inspiration to women professionals in real estate, proving that determination and expertise have no gender boundaries.

Empowering Women in Commercial Real Estate 

The Women Leading Real Estate initiative by Bisnow is not only about celebrating individual achievements but also about fostering a culture of inclusivity and diversity in the commercial real estate sector. At the awards ceremony, BisNow hosted a panel on these important topics led by women seasoned in the industry.  Macie’s nomination is a testament to her commitment to this initiative, as she continues to pave the way for more women to thrive in the industry.

Practice Real Estate Group (PRG) is excited to share that Macie Morris has been nominated for the prestigious 2023 Women Leading Real Estate Award.

Leaving a Lasting Legacy 

Macie’s nomination for the Women Leading Real Estate Award recognizes her outstanding contributions to the medical real estate sector in Austin. Her journey is an inspiring story of perseverance, expertise, and a passion for empowering others. As PRG celebrates Macie’s achievements, we also acknowledge the pivotal role she plays in driving the industry forward and opening doors for future leaders in medical real estate.

Morgan Burrell

Morgan Burrell

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