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We're experts in dealing with DSOs. Let's get your strategy set.

To deal with a DSO you need to be sophisticated and savvy. Don't miss out on opportunities. We'd love to be on your side of the table. Get in touch for a no-obligation consultation.

DSO Companies Are Buying Dental Offices, & We Know the Current Market

We've helped single and multiple practice groups negotiate with Dental Service Organizations. Position your practice correctly and you'll earn the higest multiples and collect the most offers.

No Upfront Fees

We only earn a fee when your practice sells and never take fees from buyers.

Make the Pie Bigger

When you match the right buyer and right seller you get the higest valuation the market will bear.

Sell all of your practice or retain an ownership stake and continued involvement without the back-office hassle.

Trusted Expertise

We strive to earn trust by being competent, communicating well, and always setting and meeting expectations.

We Help Dentists Nationwide

  • Austin
  • Houston
  • Dallas
  • San Antonio
  • Ft. Worth
  • Miami
  • Seattle
  • Portland
  • New York City
  • Buffalo
  • Boston
  • Philadelphia

Whether you have an offer on the table from a DSO or would like to know more about how to position your practice for aquisition, we're here to help your dental practice.

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Why involve Practice Transitions Group when selling to a DSO?

  • Our experienced team becomes your transition team.
  • We do the heavy lifting to prepare your practice to go to market
  • We always seek a multi-offer scenario to get a better feel for the market
  • We structure the sale to meet your unique goals
  • Unpack and market your practice in terms that matter to DSOs

Signs Your Practice Could be a Strong DSO Aquisition Target

  • Attractive location(s) within your market
  • Reasonably positive patient reviews
  • Recent history of steady or increasing revenue
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Meet the PRG Team

Thomas Allen

Thomas Allen, Founder

Lead Broker

Dr. Jackson Booth, DDS

Dr. Jackson Booth, DDS

Monteized Multiple Practices to a DSO

David Williams, MBA

David Williams, MBA

Business Analysis, Financial Modeling

Tom Bednorz

Tom Bednorz

Broker | Practice Marketing

Trey Zamorano

Trey Zamorano

Broker | Attorney & Contracts Expert

thirteen percent

Research shows DSOs are on track to grow in the Dental Industry by 13% every year. Here are the current Top 10 DSOs in the US.

  • Heartland Dental
  • Aspen Dental
  • Pacific Dental Services
  • Smile Brands
  • American Dental Partners
  • Great Expressions Dental Centers
  • Dental Care Alliance
  • Western Dental
  • Affordable Dentures & Implants
  • InterDent

Ready to get started?

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