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We'll help you sell, buy, open or expand your dermatology practice.

At no cost to you.

You Came to Dermatology for the Opportunity. Let us help you realize your potential.

  • Start-up guidance, from finding financing to construction and opening.
  • Expansion and regional planning for your second location and beyond.
  • Business-savvy lease negotiation that sets you up for success.
  • We speak medicine. We only work with healthcare professionals.

About Practice Real Estate Group

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Decades of Experience
Medical & Dermatology Real Estate Specialists
Practice Real Estate Group was founded by a group of commercial real estate experts who recognized that their dermatology clients had a different set of needs than their traditional clients.

We have agents and representitives in major markets across the US, and are very comfortable managing sourcing and securing properties for our clients across the country - we do it every day.

The fact is – baby  boomers are living longer.  An increased life span means skin cancer screenings and diagnoses are also on the rise. In addition, there’s an increased desire for cosmetic procedures –  with 17.1M cosmetic procedures performed in 2016 alone!

Match that with fairly good reimbursements in comparison to other specialties and the fact that cosmetics are often paid in cash, and you’ve got an industry primed for investment.

Want an advantage in the market?

Before you think you know exactly where to go next, message us.

We pride ourselves on the reputation we've earned with our clients...

Why Practice Real Estate Group?

  • We only work with healthcare professionals
  • Data-driven site selection process
  • Unparalleled dilligence and followthrough
  • We put our clients' best interest first, always
  • No cost to you - our fee is paid by the seller / landlord
  • Hundreds of happy clients and counting
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About Practice Real Estate Group

practice real estate group

We believe that we only find success when we provide our clients with the best service in the industry.

We promise our clients that we will always put their best interests first, be the best and most professional communicators we can be, and to follow through on our commitments.

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