Medical Practices are Our Niche

Understanding the Vision of Your Office

To help you make your medical office goal a reality, it is important that we thoroughly understand what you hope to achieve with your practice.

Who is your target client?

Will your practice cater to patients of a specific age range, income range, or other demographic? Do your ideal patients have private insurance coverage or Medicaid? This will impact various aspects of your approach including the area you open your practice, your branding, office setup, and more.

What are your short and long-term goals?

Will this be your only office, or is it the first of many locations? Do you intend to have the same number of operatories upon opening or are you hoping to have a space you can grow into over time?

Are there any limitations to consider?

Are you currently bound by a non-compete agreement that will prevent you from starting a practice within a certain timeframe or in a specific area? Have you considered what you can do financially and met with lenders to understand your budget?

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Finding the Right Location

Demographic Analysis

Which geographic areas will best support your practice?

The most common demographics examined are population count, income levels, and average age. However, depending on your specialty, other metrics should be considered. For example, a surgical specialty center could benefit from considering the number of procedures that have been referred by nearby practitioners.

If your clientele is heavily referral driven, we will carefully consider the number of referral partners nearby.

Local Competition

What does the competitive landscape look like?

It is unlikely in your best interest to start your office in an area that is already saturated with similar practices. We can recommend the use of different density metrics based on your specialty type that can be indicators of a healthy business environment.

Procedure information

How many of your key procedures were done in an area last year?

Depending on your clients and specialty, it may be beneficial to consider data on procedures billed historically to determine an area’s need for additional providers.

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Additional Location Considerations

We're experts in helping you navigate the details that matter when picking your location

Lease or Own?
Solo or Shared?
Municipal Regulations?
Ease of Access?
Future Plans?
Landlord restrictions?

Negotiating the Contract

Lease Negotiation

We're Medical Lease Negotiation Experts

Our medical service expertise becomes a valuable asset when we go into contract negotiations, as we know that your needs are different from other types of businesses looking for a commercial lease.

We’ll work closely with the property owner, their real estate agent, and your attorney in order to develop the best possible agreement.

We will work to get you the best lease terms and rental rates, and we can also assist in building allowance negotiations.

Nailing the Details

We understand that the details matter when it comes to a lease agreement. A 50+ page lease can be overwhelming to try and comprehend, and we’ll work with your attorney to make sure that the necessary protections are in place to keep you and your investment safe.

Starting Your Practice

Finding the right space for your office is the first of many steps before you open. We’re happy to make the process easier by recommending service providers that will help you to get your office up and running.


We have trusted connections with the network of medical practice lenders across the country, and can put you in touch with experts who have proven their competence over years of work in the industry

Space Design and Build-out

We work with medical equipment providers, construction companies, and interior designers to ensure that your new space meets your needs

Legal and Compliance

We can connect you with professionals that specialize in compliance, credentialing, and insurance so that you can rest assured that you are meeting all necessary legal requirements while protecting your assets.

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Our agents are here to help you from site selection through build out.
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